Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Inspired - Moon Madness


Moon Madness

The moon is full.
And that's no bull.
I wonder where the wits have gone.
There are folks in cars
And folks in bars
Trying to run people down.
Don't steal my magic
Oh, so tragic
When friends don't have loyalty anymore.
Makes me just a wee bit sore and geez I mean 
wishin' they were dead as a door.
It's the moon, it's the moon
So I croon with delight
Crazy, awesome, devilish sight.
Remember your day
and try hard to say
It's the moon, it's the moon
Lay your head down; think, sing and pray
that tomorrow will be better when it begins to wane.
Oh great big moon,
You'll be gone soon
Perhaps our brains will return again.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Inspired - Button Pushers

Button Globe
"Button Pushers"

Everybody knows a button pusher.

You say you hate Cilantro? Well the button pusher you know, will make a seven layer dip with at least two layers of cilantro just for you.

You say you can’t get pregnant? The button pusher will show you pictures of all their pregnant friends.

You say you’re watching your weight? The button pusher will ask you to lunch and order nachos with a side of fries.

You’ve lost your wallet, you say? The button pusher is the one who stole it but will gladly help you look for it.

You’re insecure about your laugh? You wish your bottom was firmer? You wish you had less arm jiggle? The button pusher will make sure everyone else knows those tiny nuances about you.

The button pusher is not your friend. Is the button pusher your enemy?

People are not creatures of logic. People are creatures of emotion, of ego, of vanity and of pride. We all know our own darkness. Why do people prey on these shadowed corners? Do we love others pain and suffering so much that we eat others darkness like ice cream? Misanthropy is a profession.
Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Inspired - I Think You Need A Hug

"I Think You Need A Hug"

Office man, he’s pretty great.
He so committed, he’s never late.
Loves his job, though he’s sometimes blurry
As he confronts his cube with a touch of fury
At least he’s cool, not some tricky fool
Dreams of Porsches and drinks by a deep blue pool
Listens to tunes to make anyone swoon
Eats his lunch with a silver spoon
Look at line 4, right there above
Ain’t no joke, there’s really no love
Please throw our office man a bone
Simply get off his back and leave him alone.

The poem above represents most everyone who endures cube life. Isn't there more?
Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Inspired - A Girl Walked Into a Bar

The Inspired
So, a girl walked into a bar...

This Girl Walks Into a Bar
She wasn't sick until she walked in.
She immediately looked pale and felt thin.
Her health, rapidly declining, made her wonder
It was a little thing to take notice of, to ponder.
"Why did I walk into this bar after all?"
She held on to the greasy tables, trying not to fall.
If she hadn't walked into that place would she healthy be?
What she remembered is how she loves to be free.
But this is a shackle, this illness, the spackle
that it might take to mend before she can bend
the sickness in her chest 
you know, the one in her breast
Her head she inclined and simply sipped 
And waited, patiently, before she was stripped.
Maybe, she thought, I should quit drinking.
This ship, she looked around, is it sinking?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Inspired - "He Said..."

He Said...

I want to go somewhere new and I want to take you with me.
I smiled and couldn't believe  that this man could stand me enough for a trip.
He began doing little things; tying my shoe, hanging a picture.
The little things grew to be big things; buying me a camera, meeting the folks, cooking me dinner.
I really don't deserve him and yet somehow he thinks I do.
He is handsome and cool. No, not like Arthur Fonzarelli; better. Not like the cute guy at school, either; better.
I asked him. "Why do you love me?"
He said, "Because you're you."

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Inspired - Measurement


 Is one person bad because another person takes their expression in a negative way? Am I not an artist if I do not create everyday? Am I not a mother if I do not have a living child? Am I not rich if I have no money in the bank? Can I not be afraid in the plain light of day? Must we all carry shame with us? Do we need to be shaped by our regrets? If we are questioning are we also adversarial? Is there no cure for being human?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Inspired: Being Human


Pain that just sits
Like a lazy student shits
all over respect for others
it burns like brothers
who steal wives
it festers like wounds that take lives
It's human I guess
I wear it today like an ugly dress
apathy runs in me
I don't care about the handsome man
I don't care about the giggling girl
I'm Free
Except for the 
Pain that just sits.
Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Inspired: Have You Met the Devil?

Have you met the Devil?

I have.

5 Day Work Weeks
An Overdraw
Poor Communication

Please. Add to this list.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Inspired - Dead Time


Dead Time

Time moves so slowly it seems
I long to be long like history
The gloom of doom and the scare of fright
Even an average day can seem like a horror
I have a lot of words behind my tongue
I want to scream in this tomb
The office
Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Inspired

I love her imagination.
She approaches me only by writing.
I can't stop.
Like a Peeping Tom I gawk through her windows.
We are kindred she and I but I lilt with jealousy.
She is special; magical - a cupcake shop of pies in the sky.
I'm not special. 
Until she carries me on her back...pages, to the next adventure.
That's what real sorcery is.

*"The Inspired" will be, from time to time, very short original stories of mine.  I hope they touch you in some way.