Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Inspired - Moon Madness


Moon Madness

The moon is full.
And that's no bull.
I wonder where the wits have gone.
There are folks in cars
And folks in bars
Trying to run people down.
Don't steal my magic
Oh, so tragic
When friends don't have loyalty anymore.
Makes me just a wee bit sore and geez I mean 
wishin' they were dead as a door.
It's the moon, it's the moon
So I croon with delight
Crazy, awesome, devilish sight.
Remember your day
and try hard to say
It's the moon, it's the moon
Lay your head down; think, sing and pray
that tomorrow will be better when it begins to wane.
Oh great big moon,
You'll be gone soon
Perhaps our brains will return again.

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