About Me

This is me. The me that not many people know. And perhaps you care and perhaps you don't but since we do not have children this is my way to create a tiny legacy for myself - it is a working list.

1. My real name is Wendi - it's on my birth certificate.
  • I hate that when I was 14 years old I was so insecure that I felt like I needed a more sophisticated name. Everyone was called Kyla or Francesca or Niniveh. And I was Wendi. While I like the name Gwen and use it more frequently than Wendi, Wendi is who I am.
2. I know the whole scripts for The Breakfast Club and A Room With a View by heart. Much to the chagrin of with whomever I am watching. I love a John Hughes film more than a grilled cheese sandwich and A Room with a View was something that attached itself to me when I was but a girl of 14. A Room with a View was a pre-runner to an eventual move to Italy when I was 29.

3. Pop Rocks are my favorite candy.

4. I love getting a handwritten note in the mail. Fun-mail is a treat and a tradition that is quickly losing it's appeal with the advent of email. I belong to a postcard club called Postcrossing. It's pretty fun even if it is a tad nerdy. Plus I have a great friend I met through Postcrossing. Julia is an Australian woman who visited me in California for a big birthday. We remain friends and penpals!

5. I love textiles of all kinds. 
My Soul Design Art.
  • I love fabric arts and I am fascinated by needle crafts. Organza and velvet are my favorite fabrics. But embellished lace, silk Charmeuse and silk Dupioni are exquisite too. Duchesse satin is also nice. There is an artist that I follow on Instagram who is amazing! Her Etsy store and her Instagram go by the same name: My Soul Design Art.T here is another artist, whose work I love; Giant butterflies and moths out of textiles. 
    Artist: Yumi Okita. Look at more of them here: MAGNIFICENT!
6. I love to read but I hate to hold a book. 
  • I am a twitterer (not the bird emblem in which I can blurt out short messages to no one that cares a fig) but a mover, a nervous nelly. I am pusher. Fix that knick knack, adjust that painting, square off this rug. So in order to read but not have to commit the time to sitting down, I am a huge audible fan. I exercise while I listen, I garden while I listen, I vacuum while I listen, I do the dishes or fold the laundry while I listen. Sometimes I even shower while I listen.
7. Harrison Ford, Cary Grant, Gregory Peck, Chris Noth and Sam Elliot are my kinds of hunks. I mean Jason Momoa and The rock are also pretty easy on the eyes. none of these dudes can hold a candle to my beloved husband though.

8. A Swedish Princess Cake and Butter Mochi are among my favorite desserts. But I love a peep, too.

9. My favorite sayings are "audentes fortuna juvat." (Fortune favors the bold.) And "...making a tempest in a teapot."

10. Tiny things are charming to me - almost irresistible and kitties whiskers are fascinating.

11. I Prefer my celery without peanut butter but I love peanut butter.

12. I still like to fantasize about what I will ask Santa for.

14. Orange Blossom and good old fashioned Rose are my favorite scents (followed closely by Lily of the Valley and Lilac) but I cannot say I have a favorite flower. I love them all.


16. I do not have a favorite color. I LOVE colors and therefore I find it difficult to narrow it down to a favorite. But I LOVE anything irridescent or ombre or holographic. Glitter and shine is nice too. I really, really like patent leather.

17. Dolls and Art are my ALL TIME FAVORITE things. #iwantallthedolls

18. I am faithful. Call the great spirit whatever you want. We humans can't say the name anyhow. I know that the word "God" is a buzzword for some, but for the sake of being clear I often use that nomenclature. I also use "The All Knowing," "The Alpha and the Omega," "The Great Mystery," and "Omanipani" which may actually be a made up term. At the end of the day, I believe there is in the words of Wallace Waddle, "A Thinking Stuff." That is the stuff that is responsible for intelligent design, the whole human race and the unexplainable. Boom goes the dynamite.