Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Inspired - A Girl Walked Into a Bar

The Inspired
So, a girl walked into a bar...

This Girl Walks Into a Bar
She wasn't sick until she walked in.
She immediately looked pale and felt thin.
Her health, rapidly declining, made her wonder
It was a little thing to take notice of, to ponder.
"Why did I walk into this bar after all?"
She held on to the greasy tables, trying not to fall.
If she hadn't walked into that place would she healthy be?
What she remembered is how she loves to be free.
But this is a shackle, this illness, the spackle
that it might take to mend before she can bend
the sickness in her chest 
you know, the one in her breast
Her head she inclined and simply sipped 
And waited, patiently, before she was stripped.
Maybe, she thought, I should quit drinking.
This ship, she looked around, is it sinking?

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