Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Winter Day

Compost Head

I'm feeling a bit dark today as I'm sure you can see. You must have a sense of humor for these. If you don't, forget it, don't watch them.

"Vincent!" Tim Burton's short film - 1982

"The Tale of How" by The Black Heart Gang. I chose this for it's Boschian qualities. It's also as though Gorey, Tim Burton and Neil Gaiman collided. Also, it's a visual feast. You must listen closely to really get it though. 

A good one By Edward Gorey - "The Beastly Baby!" (This baby is Stewie before there ever was a Stewie) Warning, quite irreverent. Any decent person shouldn't think this is funny, but I do!


  1. I love Tim Burton. He is a genius film-maker. So happy to meet you and your blog! xo

    1. Thank you for visiting, love. As you might have noticed you are the first one on my blog roll! Thank you for your wise advice and kind words. They are so very appreciated. xo