Friday, September 29, 2017


This is Amadeus.

Amadeus is one of my all time favorite things. He inspired a new post (this one ;) and a new category on P and P. From time to time I'll do a "Treasures" post that will showcase my little ditties, specialty items and tchotchkes in my own collection. And sometimes little things that I want.

Amadeus was an Ermine in his life. Now he only looks like one. I found him here in Sacramento at one of my favorite stores. It's a charming little store called Bleu.

In the next couple of weeks I'll share several of my favorite shops - provided that you like to shop a bit. I consider myself a boutique maven. I have a friend that joins me just about every Spring to do a whirlwind Sacramento Boutique Day. That sounds like something I should actually put together as an actual event. Epiphany!


  1. very stylish, that amadeus! i see a matching ruffle collar in your future!

    1. Stylish, indeed. That little monster is better dressed than I! I've got to get a ruffled collar!