Monday, October 2, 2017

October - It's Decorative Gourd Season Mother@#$%^&*

You can see these on the front stoop, right now. They're being decorative.

Many years ago, perhaps seven or something, I was at a book club meeting and one of the ladies loudly piped up, in a silent lul, "It's decorative gourd season mother@#$%^&*!" And she drew from her pocket one of the most magnificent pieces I have ever heard or read in my entire life. The room was silent as she began to read.  The silence lasted only mere seconds as the words tumbled from her mouth. She was, first of all, an excellent wordsmith herself and an even better expresser of said words. The 10 of us in the room were quite literally rolling on the floor, stomachs clutched in pain, as we wretched with hysteria at this freaking awesome phenomenon!

I myself at the time, never knew or had even heard of McSweeney's. But my word, it was a gift of spirit that night, that I was so vigorously introduced to the wonder of a great laugh, an interesting story or a blathering of sophisticated etymology that has now become a pretty exceptional companion.

So, for your autumn reading pleasure,  may I suggest you go and read this wonderful work of art by Colin Nissan.  It's Decorative Gourd Season, Mother@#$%^&*. Beware, the language is @#$%!

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