Friday, August 4, 2017

Crustless Goat Cheese Vegetable Tatin

Before going in to the oven.
This one is not just a pretty face. She packs a wallop of health and tops it with a cherry of exceptional taste.

There are certain vegetables my husband does not like. Summer squash, like Zephyr, Zucchini and Crook Neck are on the "I won't eat them, so do not cook them," list. Unless I fancy them up like in this amazing and super easy crustless "tarte."


3 Zucchini
3-4 Yellow squash
3 Roma tomatoes
1 large goat cheese log
1 bunch dill
2 cloves garlic


Ensure that the tomatoes and squash are all roughly the same circumference.
Cut all vegetables in 1/4 in. thick slices
Cut the cheese (Ha!) in roughly the same thickness
Arrange all as you would a dinner table: boy, girl, boy, girl but instead do tomato, squash, squash cheese, tomato, squash, squash cheese
Drizzle with a generous amount of olive oil
Crush garlic and dab onto tart as evenly as possible
Season with Salt and Fresh cracked black pepper
Between each collection of 'boy, girl, boy, girl' place a sprig of dill
Bake at 350 for 35-40 minutes

After cooking. 
 I haven't posted since March. I get lazy and if I am truthful, blogging with verve takes effort. I am no half ass-er. So credit where credit is due, my uncle is the one who got me back in the saddle here. He reads P&P. Thank you, uncle! If you are reading this, and you are not my uncle, thank you, too!!

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