Friday, March 16, 2012

Art Nouveau

When I was in college, I studied art. I was so intrigued by the creativity of others, I thought I would try my hand at developing some creativity of my own. Never feeling wholly satisfied with my own creations I collected a handful of art movements to study - one in particular - such music, such richness, was Art Nouveau. The era went from 1890-1914 and produced some of the finest designs seen still, even today. Some of the greats include Alphonse Mucha perhaps the most popular, Gustav Klimt,  Aubrey Beardsley and Rene Lalique.

Today's post is a simple collection of beautiful pictures by the greats of this intriguing art movement.


"Dance" by the famous Alphonse Mucha, Czech by birth educated in France and perhaps the most popular of the Art Nouveau movement.
I love this drawing! Aubrey Beardsley was famous with ink on paper. His lines are as straight as an electronic device could make and his cleverness cannot be emulated. Look at the money and lest we forget her boobies! The title "Lady with a Monkey" seems obvious enough.

As an art student, Judith and Holofernes is thrown in your face daily. I think I have perhaps seen at least 150 different images of the same 'couple' from about 26 countries spanning several centuries. But this version of Judith and Holofernes is by far my favorite. Judith has just slain Holofernes the leader of the Assyrians. The best part of this painting is the indignant look on her face. She was the first feminist! If you ever have the opportunity to see this in a museum it is more than worth the live viewing. She speaks volumes in her silence! 

I cannot find where I got this image. My apologies. However, please look how stunning this pendant is . Rene Lalique is most noted for his glass sculptures but it is often forgotten that he made the most spectacular jewelry. I want her!

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