Saturday, September 13, 2014

Frabjous Finds - All Kinds of Good Stuff

Sometimes we talk about unplugging as a society. There is so much stuff out there that hinders us; wheat, sugar, addiction, dehydration, bad communication and stress, just to mention a few. But does unplugging help to thwart these things? Sometimes, for me anyway, my computer can be a little sanctuary even among the "unplug" whispers. For instance, I love to get lost in Pinterest, it's a little haven for me. Private little morsels, like chocolate chips and moonbeams that are all mine and yet, I am sharing. But the enrichment that technology brings me is a list that is long and comforting and a place where I can window shop (or real shop) without leaving the comfort of my home. It used to be that comfort to me was a rainy day, a kitty, and a good book. Now, comfort is still that little trifecta of goodness, but I have added the complements of the internet (and my hubby). There is no limit to the goodies on display for me here. Let me share some of these things with you...


I love Matcha Green Tea at Starbucks. But to get a Matcha Green Tea Latte costs around $4.00 dollars and 300 calories. That is quite a price to pay. A little secret, though, if you order a "Matcha Water" at Starbucks you'll incur a $.75 charge and 50 calories. Much better. Or you can go to Tea Pigs and buy your own Matcha powder. You'll increase your metabolism, get anti oxidant benefits and not have to give any more money to the Starbucks Kingdom. Tea Pigs have cute stuff and lots of teas and reasonable prices. Best!

How would you like a brand new piece of furniture? Or, if you're gonna really go for it, a brand new kitchen? Amsterdam Woodworks  has won the best of the best on Angies list several times. Arno is an exceptional person, too, something that is rare in the artisan trades. Like him on Amsterdam Woodworks facebook page.

I went to the 20th and J Farmers Market last Saturday and I found a real gem. Mama Willow Tree has imported goods that she hand selects from many different regions all over the world, primarily Africa, Peru and Thailand. The colors are vibrant and the goods are high quality and functional and ALL MADE BY WOMEN! Talk about empowering.  I want these. Also, Tiffani is sweet and happy. She has a beauty that sparkles from the inside out.

Also,  Atelier 20. Kristi Hughes is the artist/designer and she's local. You've got to visit the store in order to really get her vibe.

The final finds are some awesome food blogs. Apparently I've been hungry this week.

1. Paleo Paparazzi - Kendra is a personal friend but she is also a resource for health and wellness. If you are endeavoring on a Paleo or Primal path I highly suggest consulting her and her blog. She has a great recipe for gourmet tuna stackers, similar to one I have here.

2. I Am A Food Blog - Great photos, do-able recipes, down to earth instead of I'm so awesome text.

3. My favorite foods are Jewish, Turkish, Italian, Irish and Dutch. All of them are part and parcel to my heritage. A really short history: my grandmother made the best pot roast and fed me excellent tongue and rugelach too. On my mother's side I am Dutch and that really stayed with her, she has Delft all over the house. Also my cousin was raised in the Netherlands - big part of us. I married a Turkish man - by making Pide and Lahmahcun. And I lived in Italy so that goes without saying and finally, I grew up across the street from Irish folks and have travelled to Ireland many times. I found recently a couple of Dutch food Blogs that warm me: this one and this one. Try out some Dutch food. In the coming winter months I will post Soup Mandlen (Jewish) and Spezzatino (Italian)! If you want turkish food try the Poagca and if you want Irish food try the Barmbrack.

4. Last but definitely not least is this one. Oh, Molly! You are a charmer. I'm a little jealous she's so cool at such a young age. I want to be cool too. Molly is funny and beautiful as are her photographs and styling. Also, the recipes at Molly Yeh are top notch.

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