Monday, September 15, 2014

My Talented Peeps

My friend Joan has always been a fount of knowledge and good advice. What's great about her is that she is even keeled. Because of that even keel, sometimes she doesn't self promote and therefore you find out through various sources that she is even more awesome than you already thought she was. Not only does she give good advice, or cook a mean soup, or keep herself fit by walking a 12 minute mile, but she is as well a clutter destroyer, a frugal shopping maven and a crafty, clever woman of the Martha Stewart ilk.

I received one of these in the mail and was shocked. Embellished with a tiny surged edge and themed, they are of meticulous craftsmanship. Cloth post cards!

She has an older friend with whom she goes on little day trips and to notify her friened of the trip without giving away the goodies, she will send a spooky themed card. Then she picks up her friend and they go on a cemetery tour. So wicked! You want to be Joan's friend too, huh?

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