Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fancy Adult Beverages


Honey Oat Vodka (pictured on the right and recipe here), Lavender simple syrup and the peel of an orange (for garnish). You also might want to get some edible flowers, just for the fancy factor!

"The Hustle"

Vodka, bloody mary mix, Porcini Mushroom Salt, stewed mushrooms and Frog Balls (pickled Brussels sprouts) Mix two parts vodka with 2 Tbs mushroom consomme and float 1 Tbs BMM. Garnish glass with salt and skewered brussels sprout and a fresh cherry tomato.

Sometimes I get sort of daydreamy. I'll doodle the day away thinking of all kinds of goodies - gardening, painting, pinterest...

Three days ago I found myself daydreaming about 42 Below's Manuka Honey Distilled Vodka! It's my all time favorite alcoholic beverage. So I got out of bed, worked out and drove myself to BevMo. I walked to the aisle where the 42 Below is and...GONE! There was no Manuka Honey Vodka there, much to my chagrin. I asked the store manager when they might get some in stock. Shock and horror...according to him there has been a manufacturers discontinuation of the product.

I became obsessed and sought out a way I could recreate a similar taste. I followed a recipe on Chow and made my own. The difference is that this is Honey Oat Vodka.

And then I concocted a refreshing cocktail. For the "Misbeehaving" you'll also need to make your own lavender infused simple syrup.

Lavender Simple Syrup:

2 tsp lavender buds
1/2 C water
1/2 C sugar
cheese cloth
fine mesh sieve

In a small sauce pan bring mixture to a boil. Turn heat off. Cover and steep 30 minutes. Strain  until there are no bits and refrigerate. Best used within the week.

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