Monday, May 28, 2012

Frabjous Finds - Fawning In Love

'It seems very pretty,' she said. 'Somehow it seems to fill my head with ideas—only I don't exactly know what they are!" Alice in Wonderland 

Frabjous: Possibly a blend of fair, fabulous, and joyous. Definition from Oxford English Dictionary, credited to Lewis Carroll.

I love Alice's sentiment. Sometimes you encounter something or someone that is extraordinary. In that case what else can one say about whatever that je ne sais quoi is....Frabjous hits the nail on the head.

I was very lucky to come across Fawning In Love. I was looking for a very specific hair comb to wear in my hair for an upcoming wedding in which I am a bridesmaid. I want to represent my husband and I as I stand up for a very close friend. Our theme was "Birds of a Feather Flock Together." I found it! And I ran around the house yelling to my husband that I'd come across a Frabjous Find. Perhaps what prompted me to purchase from her were her excellent photographs, or the sweet packaging, or that everything is so reasonably priced. In any case I was overjoyed by this little present.

Laura, the shops owner, isn't any old handmade maven. She is a real professional and that was clear upon the receiving of this wee ditty. I've  a story to tell about the adventure that has been my experience with Fawning In Love.

I ordered a little gold hair comb that came with a little gold feather. The measurements were perfect - very small as I have baby fine hair. Wracked with excitement, I paid via paypal for my treasure. And then...I waited. The comb, having never showed up seemed to have gone missing in transit. I messaged Laura on Etsy, she took great care to rectify the error, immediately. Two days later, after rush delivery, my hair comb arrived. She was prompt, professional and warm. 

Her crafting doesn't stop at her accessories. Look at the sweet wrapping...It is because of her above and beyond talent that I've decided to feature her on Frabjous Finds! You'll want something from Fawning in Love, too. I promise! 

Impeccable details...

And look what other extraordinary things she offers in her shop...

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