Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Well....I'm quite ridiculous. I want to be taken seriously as a blogger as I have so much to say and to share with you guys. I'm also very sorry for being absent from posting for so long. 

Wedding season is upon us and since my trip to Disneyland, I've not had even one second to myself save for sleeping. So here I am back in the saddle at least for this post today...

I sometimes read a design blog called Coco and Kelley. Cassandra recently wrote that at an even for a wedding she was called "ridiculous." She also said it was one of the best complements she's ever received. I wish I had had the mind enough to (when it happened) see the same, because it's true! Go and read her story which is warming to the heart and soul and gives us all a little fortitude! I have a similar story.

On the day of my rehearsal dinner, I preened in the mirror, anticipating the next couple of hours and looking forward to the following day. I had designed a red strapless dress in silk satin which was embellished around the hem with black feathers. Before the rehearsal/wedding (in July) my mother, for my birthday (in October) gifted me a wicked pair of Hale Bob slides. 

Yeah. They were different, but how lame and boring life would be without things that are different, unusual, fun, inspiring and so on...

I wore these fantastic shoes with the red dress. And how were they met? Not with the applause I had imagined in my head. Instead, they were the draw of ridicule...Yup. They were exclaimed to be "ridiculous." Cassandra was pretty inspirational on her blog post and I was pretty moved by it, not simply because I had a parallel story. Oh no, nothing that simple. I was moved because of the way she handled the situation with grace followed by a smile.

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