Friday, May 25, 2012

In Search of Mickey - Manicures...

I am a hand person. I just am. Always have been.

My Granny has Barbara Streisand hands. Yup. "Like Butta!" She, at 93 is always coiffed, designer dressed and impeccably manicured. Because of her fastidious way of keeping herself up for, ahem, nearly a century, there are certain things that I have picked up from her.

Sure I love art (Gran), and dogs (Gran) and I'm being as modest as possible here, I love a good game of cards as in, I'm quite the shark (Gran). But, perhaps the weirdest thing I picked up from Fay (gorge name, right!?) was her love of a good set of fancified 10's! Oddly, It's one of the things that I was so attracted to my husband for...his hands are really attractive in a masculine but not callused way!

I am going to "The Happiest Place On Earth!" on June second and I got a manicure yesterday. I had a design all planned out and figured it would be easy enough to do. But, nooooooo! Here's how it went. I told "Kimmy" about my trip to Disneyland. I picked my colors (Ink Gels in Barbie Pink and Dark Glitter Grey) and told Kimmy to paint all nails the pink except my accent nail which I wanted grey. Then I explained to her that I wanted my accent nail to have a silhouette of Mickey's head on the accent nail in the pink. She tried hard enough. But it was a no go. So, I looked up other Mickey designs to see how hard it is to get this done or to see if anyone else had done something similar. I found a great blog that has all kinds of excellent nail designs, not just Mickey Mouse...

If you're interested in some spicy nails, the place to visit is Holy Manicures! Margaret is a manicure maven. She is uber talented and clever to boot.

Following is her rendition of the Mickey Manicure. It's delightful! I wish I could tell my manicurist how to do the Mickey silhouette on my finger! I've written a note to Margaret so perhaps she can help me?!

And I found a few others on her site that i really liked...

How does she do it?!

Here are some other Mickey/Minnie nails...

Mad Mani's


I'm going to publish this without the mickey on my accent nail...bummer. But it is my aim today to get a pink Mickey on there. And when I do I'll edit in the new picture with the complete nails!

Yeaaaay! Finally! I got my Mickey...I got it at GG Salon on Alhambra. A woman name Heidi did it for me. I feel complete...and gues what? I leave today (June 2nd) for the mouse with sissy!


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  1. Very Unique and attractive design.Nice color collection for Autumn winter!!!!!! You share with us light and dark color also. These all are very attractive on nails. I'll use it on different different occasion. especially I love Beach nail art design.