Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Last night, Anna, Meaghan and I went to Sacramento State University to see the incredible song trio - Geographer - fronted by Michael Deni and partenered with Nathan Blaz on cello and Brian Ostreicher on drums. These lovelies create a trifecta that will blow you away. Deni's vocals are dreamy but crisp and take you to a place of love and lust. Gauzy and organic, his voice is pitch perfect and lovely. That angelic voice on it's own is great but with the cello the Geographer sounds become elemental! And, I've seen a live cello in my day but I have never seen it rocked like this. Nathan Blaz is impeccable and a sacred complement and necessity to this determinate, wicked sound that belongs only to this band! And last but most certainly not least, the passion of this tryptic is incomplete without the seriousness and device of Ostreicher. As the percussionist, he pulls these sounds together and sews them up to be one artistic outpour of danceable, singable, memorable melodies. Oh, and did I mention we screamed like little girls when they began their set?

If you don't know about or haven't heard Geographer, I suggest you do some research. These guys have the kind of sound, that in my romantic, perpetual teenage mind, would have been chosen for a John Hughes film. I suppose in modern terms, that means imploring Stephanie Meyer to love them for a Twilight film or perhaps I should contact the music team that does the great sounds for The Vampire Diaries? Yes! That's it!

If I knew how to add sound bytes here, I'd let you listen, alas I don't. So, on the Trycicle Records site, there is an artist's stream or of course, iTunes.

By the way, they'll have an new album release in February.

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Happy Harmonizing, XO Gwen

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