Friday, December 2, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

That's, perhaps, my favorite Christmas carol!  "I really can't stay - baby it's cold outside - I've got to go away - baby it's cold outside - This evening has been - been hoping that you'd drop in -So very nice - I'll hold your hands, they're just like ice..."

So to keep your hands, your neck, your body from being like ice but still being sinfully stylish, I found a sweet little ditty on Etsy.

As most if you know, I love that place. I have a shop there soon to be followed by another to accompany Poppies and Paperbacks. I often go there to pass the time looking at things I covet and wish I was have the crafter that many of these people are!

Today I came across a coat that I simply must have. Because, it's winter and "Baby, it's cold outside!" It's created by Leanne Marshall who hails from Brooklyn, New York. It's not just cold outside there...It's freezing outside there. SO you know this lady knows what a coat should be like. This feminine little coat with a short swing peplum is Melton wool on the exterior with vintage plaid at the hems and lined inside with silver crinkle satin. Go visit her site, you won't be disappointed. And, bonus, she does much more than just coats. She makes dresses, skirts, shirts and other apparel all with her own signature of awesome!

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