Monday, November 28, 2011

Learning All the Time

I added a Pinterest button today. I'm pretty excited about it for a few reasons: A) I can take you there anytime if you click the button and B) It's so addicting, now I have it here and in my bookmarks bar. Woo hoo! And, C) I feel pretty tech savvy suddenly.

I took photos of our oranges. Winter Wonderland around here but it seems we are the only ones without a Christmas Tanenbaum. Unfortunately, we have to wait until later in the month because our favorite critter - Furio - gets angry at the tree and us every Christmas, so he likes to express that anger by having a pee under the tree. ACK!

My latest acquissition is a vintage knitting book. It's hilarious. It's also useful if you're a knitter. It'll be for sale soon on the poppies and paperbacks Etsy site (as soon as I have one)!

Can you believe the original price? Can we get anything for $.35 anymore- anything?

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