Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bikram/Hot Yoga


When I was 9 years old, I went to Los Angeles with my sister to visit my grandparents. That would have made my sister 4. My Nana was (and still is) a fashion forward, free thinking, cultivator who tried unique things and hobnobbed with fantastic people. She had lipstick made in exactly "her" shade and kept care of her body in extraordinary ways.

Her most potent fitness regime was with Bikram Choudhry the Yogi of the century! My sister and I would often accompany her to Bikram's studio. In those days there were no mats and towels as are used today. There was a floor and your body and that's it!

We loved this class. I recall asking Nana, "Will we go to see Bikram today?" Bikram once sat on my back during the half tortoise pose, I must've been 11. In attendance, we'd often see Martin Sheen and Raquel Welch. Looking back now that seems pretty weird.

Bikram moves you through 26 yoga poses that each have a specific link to a biological function. And after each class you feel strengthened, accomplished and relieved.

I've never in all these years completely given up my Bikram practice. And yesterday I committed to a 40 class package. I'm looking forward to all the changes that my body will endure in the following several months.

I highly recommend reading up on Bikram his story is amazing. Bikram Yogi Raj went to Japan and that is where he discovered the heated room.

You really should try this amazing practice. It will change your life.