Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wallpaper - Flat Vernacular

For sometime now, the trend in home interiors has largely been paint. You can do gads of things with paint that's for sure. Tons of colors, lots of texture and even a few effects. But, long thought marginally passe has been wall paper. Paint's over! Get these!

You've got to check out Flat Vernacular! You've never seen the likes of this! The company was started by Payton Turner and her partner Brian Kaspr. They are ridiculously talented! - So unfair!

Conceptually, their designs are fresh, colorful and choc full of amusement. They have a line of wall paper catalogued under "custom." Yup! custom...STICKERS!

Remember all the stickers you saved and collected in albums in 4th grade? Well, those little geniuses have devised a way to actually use them. Gawd! Why wasn't it me? I mean, why the heck did I go to art school - oh yeah - because it was fun! After all, I'm trying to be a writer - so let me write about other artists today that have pinkies and toes full of rad!

While I love the stickers, they also have other creative wall paper designs, like "Pheobe" that are meticulously thought out and even more expertly executed!

Bonus: Both Brian and Payton are super accessible as well! So while they are rock stars...they are not unapproachable. And, of course, they're in New York. It is, after all, the center of the universe!


*Incidentally, Payton is Howard Cosell's grand daughter. The late Mr. Cosell is, still, perhaps the most recognizable voice in sports announcement.