Thursday, September 25, 2014

Weddings Here at P & P

I have a wedding blog that I used to be very active on. I designed folks weddings and thus had a little side business going. I even made shoes for some of my brides (including myself) hence the name La Bottine Couture ("Bottine" means a lady's boot in French). Somewhere along the line I grew disenchanted with the whole thing and sort of threw my chips in. The thing is, though, I still love the pretty of a wedding. The love involved and the care taken in creating the most magical party of any couple's lives still get's me going. I love the dresses, the flowers and the clever details. I have decided, since I have let La Bottine Couture fall by the wayside, I should still employ my loves of weddings, on occasion, right here on Poppies & Paperbacks.

As you might've seen from an earlier post, I love dresses. As I was growing up, my mother used to exclaim, "You are all girl!" I'm pretty sure she meant I was girly and high maintenance. I don't think I'm high maintanance. I just like frills, and lace and ruffles and ribbons and bows and taffetta and organza and....

But I can roll around in the mud with the best of 'em too.

Nevertheless here you go. More fancy dresses of the Bridal variety.

Does anyone know the maker and style number for the image above?

Haley Paige Style 6201
These are called "Wendi" and I made them.

La Bottine Couture