Thursday, December 29, 2011

Street Style - Happy Birthday, Erin!

Good morning my sweet readers.

I will, in due time, have to create a page dedicated to "Street Style!" I love style - which, by the way does not always adhere to the strict laws of "au courant" couture - and, while I am sometimes stylish, unlike other lifestyle blogs I'd prefer to feature others -- perhaps, in the future I'll post me, too, but for now I'd like to capture the stars I see walking down the street (in homage to one of my heroes - Bill Cunningham of The New York Times) or in this case sitting next to me at the Melody Nail Salon.

I sat getting my nails done in the usual fashion with my usual nail professional, Thuy (pronounced: Twee). As we sat silently, I noticed a young woman sitting to my right. Her hair was sweetly coifed in Hollywood curls, she wore, what I thought was perhaps a couture sweater and next to her were propped a pair of stiletto black boots ("stiletto" as in tasteful pointed heel not "stiletto" as in hooker heel). The color she chose for her fingernails was classic retro red - appropriately festive!

I kept looking at her because she was like a little surprise - you know, like the money the tooth fairy leaves or the unexpected gift from a person you didn't think cared all that much or the temporary tattoo cracker jack prize. I felt a little giddy. I had to say something to her because 30 minutes into my appointment I was continuing to sneak looks at her. She was so adorable (insert French accent)! And if I hadn't said something I am certain she would've thrown down.  Since I merely begged her to be the star of my "Street Style" post she only thought me a wee bit daft! Phew!

Her name is Erin and she has a superlative (Wow! $10, please!) sense of style. She is also kind and, dare I say, pretty! And - BONUS - Today is her birthday! Happy Birthday, Erin,  from Poppies and Paperbacks! And, thank you!

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Erin's hair, her sense of color and eye for tasteful accessories make for a ladylike though edgy ensemble. Sorry about the shadow on her eyes. 

I'll give you one guess as to which design house this sensational handbag lays claim to.

Via Spiga

Tiiffany! (I have them too - obviously Erin and I share a certain panache.)

The rings are Tiffany, also.

Erin's pretty hair and gorgeous Tory Burch sweater (See? It is couture!)

And the ruffled tie waist blouse coupled with the bobble attractive!