Tuesday, February 23, 2016

People - Bella Dalili - 4 Basic Rules to Health

4 Basic Rules for Health 

2016 is well on it's way. I've a new job, a new lifestyle and have let go of things (including people) who do not contribute to my health. I have also reconnected with some people that add to my general heart and soul. This is the year for health - spiritually, financially, socially.

I'm always searching for something to make me not only look healthy but more importantly feel healthy. A healthy feeling is not limited to eating right, getting enough exercise or drinking enough water. I know I feel healthiest when I think about things in a "gestalt"  kind of a view. True health is more than the sum of it's parts. Which includes all of those things  up there but also includes a healthy social life void of abusers and spiritual fortification -for some it may be church, for me it is Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

I posted a picture of a sweet tiny cupcake that a co-worker made. It looked like a tiny doggie, complete with hanging tongue and floppy ears (see the side bar to the right). It was liked by an Instagrammer, call name: "bdwellnes."  I immediately did a little research and found Bella Dalili. She has a real edge as a nutritionist because she finds it necessary to take all the guesswork out of nutrition. I tend to agree with her. A whole picture wellness should not be unattainable or complicated but what really stood out the most with this lady was that her spirit in posts (on facebook and on instagram as well) exuded love, patience, acceptance, kindness and inner beauty - characteristics that are often difficult to find these days, especially in this world of narcissism and media bullying, that we've created.

I will tuck Bella away for quiet times, when I feel silently out of control. Perhaps I can get a little guidance and insight from her? During my m&m crazes, I will seek solace in her words of spiritual kindness and nutritional wisdom. I urge you to do the same!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

People - heneedsfood.

As you all know, I fancy myself a gastronome. Unfortunately, I have been in the kitchen quite a bit but have not documented anything of late. I'm not sure why. I made an astounding Italian soup with Swiss Chard and white beans and delightful organic mild sausage. I made a mushroom and asparagus risotto - super satisfying and rich for our first al fresco dining of the season (I'll make both the soup and risotto again and post my recipes soon - so I've not included links here as I'd like to get my own recipes on here for those). And I made a couple Turkish meals while our niece (Ecem) visited us from Quinnipiac University, which included KofteDomates Pilavi, Karniyarik and Irmik Helvasi! Just last night I made Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. But none of them, sadly, did I record for P&P. And perhaps that is a good thing - maybe I haven't been terribly inspired to write things lately after my rejection from BlogHer. Or perhaps, my inspiration has waned or I should consider my lack of time - regardless of the reason, I have not discontinued my use of the good old Pinterest - a treasure of inspiration on every pinboard - and it did not disappoint today! I was wanting a clever supper for the husband and I this evening, heavy on "light fare" and heavy on taste. I was stumped until a photo came up "Oyster Mushrooms and Swedes on Toast." I swooned. If your not sure what a swede is, here in the states we call them Turnips. The recipe was created by John Bek, an extraordinary epicure and the founder of heneedsfood - a written account of his culinary delights. His recipes are different but not weird, his instructions are precise but not snooty and his photographs are amazing. And the website itself is a virtual holiday to somewhere else; it is so well done, you can get lost in heneedsfood pages for quite a while before checking to see how long you've waited before indulging in something delicious. It was only fair that I post about John and heneedsfood and catalog the post under "People" and "Gastronomy." He is not just an amazing former chef and current photographer but his roots are Croatian and he is a first generation Aussie. Go see, but do not visit him there if you are hungry.

Oyster Mushrooms and Swedes on Toast by John Bek at heneedsfood.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

People - Beatrice Wood

This is Beatrice Wood. Ever heard of her? Didn't think so.
I thought, as a first "People" post, it would be a good thing to introduce someone extraordinary, female and someone most folks haven't heard about.

"Beato" was an artist, writer and performer. She is primarily known for her ceramic arts. She is, as many artists are, extraordinary for a number of reasons: she was best known for the work she produced after the age of 68. And she died at the age 105. She was an ingenue, a bohemian and gypsy. She lived in India, France and New York City. And she hobnobbed with Marcel Duchamp and claimed herself as part of the Dadaist movement. She was truly amazing - as a woman, as an artist, as a person. Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts delineates her entire, exciting and thoroughly interesting life/career in a nice, comprehensive biography.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Person is Fascinating

I've decided to add a new category.

Do I call it "People?" or "A World of People?" or "Person?" or "Homo Sapiens?" or maybe I should go with something more sensitive like, "The Human Connection?" or "A Person is Fascinating," as I have titled this post? In any regard, while I sometimes moan about The Human Race at large, I think that a person is intriguing and phenomenal and I have some interesting folks that I'd like to introduce you to! Make some suggestions about the title of this category (for now it's in the right hand sidebar and I'm simply calling it "People").

Everyone has a story.