Monday, February 20, 2012

Fox and Fawn Bakehouse

Oh the Fox and Fawn!

I feel as though I can freely and without shame admit I am somewhat of a cupcake connoisseur. Yeah. Everyone says that and cupcakes certainly have gained there place in our society. But I am going to say that considering my extensive background in cooking and my sophisticated palette I really am a maven. If you know what bouillabaisse is, know the other name for coriander and can tell me a recipe for Panna Cotta then I suppose we can call you an expert also.

I recently went to an event where I discovered the Fox and Fawn. My Word! Melt in your mouth goodness. No frills, no inticing but less than awesome tasting colors and swirls. This is good old fashioned traditionalism...except for one thing...they're VEGAN! Shocking, I know.

I am a bona fide meat eater. I just am. I am all for sustainable farming and humane treatment of animals raised for human consumption so I always try to eat animal products that reflect my own ethics.  But, I am a meat eater and bob's your uncle! So the fact that these sweet treats were, again, vegan, blew my mind.

They are not just good "for being vegan." No! They are great, delightful, delicious, wee cakes of perfection full stop! They make vanilla bean and dark chocolate...and I love the simplicity! Go check them out! I swear by the hammer of Thor that you'll be shot to the stars on your first bite!