Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Diversions - A New Category - Crows and Ravens

I'm adding a new category. That is two new categories, this month! This one is called "Diversions" and it's for those days that I can't be asked to write something thoughtful, or to style some food that I just want to eat, or for those days that I am just not feeling all that creative. For lazy blogger days I guess you could say. But I think you'll find it entertaining. Hopefully, anyway. Or they might not be diverting in the least. That won't do! So see for yourselves and give me some feedback!

So, I'll start with something seasonal. How about Ravens, crows and other soft billed birds that are black and eat carrion?! Seems so spooky a la Edgar Allan Poe. But they are super intelligent, tool using ornithological specimens and are therefore noteworthy. It's such a shame my mother hates them. That's true. Her words, not mine. She hates them. I love them and in Sacramento since we have the largest tree canopy in the world (now surpassing Paris) we are home to many of these beautiful Corvidae. Here are these 10 Amazing Crow Facts And 10 more about Ravens. Ravens frighten, amaze and intrigue us. They are magnetic beings; clever, industrious, even creative!

Audrey Kawasaki 
Crows, Ravens and other Corvids are all terribly diverting. No? Check this out, Aves Noir. It is so elegant, haunting and ethereal. You might enjoy something like that this time of year. As an amateur ornithologist and a lover of big black birds, I visit quite often.

I love this time of year; I cannot emphasize it enough. May all Corvidae be blessed.

Eeeeee! I found this one too! (Sacramento is mentioned; we are famous!)

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