Friday, August 22, 2014

P&P is Getting Updated!

Hi guys!
It was brought to my attention yesterday (Thanks Chicken!) that I have not posted anything since Detox Week. I thought I should explain...
While I have taken other hiatus,' this one is different because it is not that I have not been writing. Coming soon are posts about Bulent's pickles, a fashion app for organizing your closet (That's for you, Joanie!) and really creative and talented friends. Plus a new place for something healthy (Sun and Soil) and a Frabjous Find (Amsterdam Woodworks) which I haven't written about in a really, really long time. And a new music mix on the horizon "Hero Rock!"
So, I have been a busy bee.
But I have also been busy updating the appearance of Poppies and Paperbacks. I love what I have going on right now, but I like a tweak here and there in love and in life; keeps things fresh and interesting. So check back in a week or so for new surprises like a great recipe for homemade mac and cheese!

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