Saturday, October 19, 2013

Italy - Un Bel Paese

No. Seriously! It is perhaps one of  the most beautiful places I have EVER been. My husband fantasizes about going to Spain. I mean, Spain sounds OK, I guess. But I just can't take Italy out of my soul. When I think Latin, I never think Spain, I think Italy.

Sometimes in my day dreams, I think of Ischia and the Sorriso Wine - Sorriso means smile. Other times I think of riding a motorino, still others yet, I think of the vast wandering and well tended gardens. And then there is the food....

Today, I did some scouting for our next trip. We are going to Hotel Raya. At 350 Euro's a night, it is a bit dear for our modest budget. But enough already, look at the photos!

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