Saturday, October 12, 2013

DIY Matchbook Cover

I haven't done a DIY in a while and this morning I was feeling crafty!

I have always thought that the best bathroom deodorant is a freshly lit match. They're inexpensive and effective at covering up even the most offensive odors in the loo.

The unfortunate thing, however, is that the average matchbook is not terribly attractive to set out in a well appointed bathroom.

This little matchbook cover is easy, quick and takes only a few little things you likely have lying around the house.

Materials List:

Matchbooks (you can get them at the grocery store)
wrapping paper
glue stick
writing utensil


  1. Set the matchbook on the straight edge of the wrapping paper.
  2. Pencil mark on the other side of the matchbook.
  3. Trim along the pencil mark you created.
  4. Apply glue to the paper generously, paying special attention to the corners and edges.
  5. Stick paper, pretty side out, around the matchbook.
*Note: if the edge f the paper is in excess, simply trim it to fit.

Try it!

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