Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Springtime Treat

I recommend reading this! Very educational and just in case you think I'm a nut for eating a weed...
I mean, I do not advocate going out and traipsing through the forest and arbitrarily eating the flora without knowledge of what you may be ingesting - but right now, it's Wood Sorrel time. It's a sweet little weed that has purple, white or in my case bright yellow flowers. They are also sometimes called wandering buttercup. Their scientific name is Oxalis. And they have a sweet sour taste. When used in moderation they are a welcome little enhancement to cuisine. Aphids love them. Because aphids love them and they are a weed that's impossible to get rid of, they are not ideal for the garden. I don't really mind them though. It's sticky weed that is the bain of my garden's livelihood. Traips all you want for the buttercup - it's yummy!

I'm going to use the stem and flowers in a spring salad today. Weird. I know. But being the daughter of a hedge witch, I just have a draw to the romance of mother nature - so here it is.

Wash 3 stems of the Wood Sorrel. Cut 4 big Nasturtium leaves and if you have let your garden go through the winter then perhaps you have wee peppers like I have...

Cut the stems of the flowers like you would chives, chiffonade (cut 'em skinny as if you were cutting basil) the nasturtium leaves (they're a treat as they are very peppery), set the flowers aside. Cut up the wee peppers being cautious to discard the seeds.

Wash a handful of greens. I like to use a wild baby lettuce mix - mine are not garden fresh :( - and place in a bowl with the other ingredients.

Top with a simple citrus vinaigrette. 2 Tbs olive oil, 1 Tbs lemon juice. Salt ( I like to use Jane's Krazy Mixed Up) and pepper (Trader Joe's has concocted a clever little Flower Pepper - {read more here}) to taste and a dash of sugar to balance to sour. Add some home made croutons for an extra oomph or some pumpkin seeds.

There it is. Enjoy!

More salad pictures....

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