Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wallpaper - Flat Vernacular

For sometime now, the trend in home interiors has largely been paint. You can do gads of things with paint that's for sure. Tons of colors, lots of texture and even a few effects. But, long thought marginally passe has been wall paper. Paint's over! Get these!

You've got to check out Flat Vernacular! You've never seen the likes of this! The company was started by Payton Turner and her partner Brian Kaspr. They are ridiculously talented! - So unfair!

Conceptually, their designs are fresh, colorful and choc full of amusement. They have a line of wall paper catalogued under "custom." Yup! custom...STICKERS!

Remember all the stickers you saved and collected in albums in 4th grade? Well, those little geniuses have devised a way to actually use them. Gawd! Why wasn't it me? I mean, why the heck did I go to art school - oh yeah - because it was fun! After all, I'm trying to be a writer - so let me write about other artists today that have pinkies and toes full of rad!

While I love the stickers, they also have other creative wall paper designs, like "Pheobe" that are meticulously thought out and even more expertly executed!

Bonus: Both Brian and Payton are super accessible as well! So while they are rock stars...they are not unapproachable. And, of course, they're in New York. It is, after all, the center of the universe!


*Incidentally, Payton is Howard Cosell's grand daughter. The late Mr. Cosell is, still, perhaps the most recognizable voice in sports announcement.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Smile A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Laughing is the most important thing to me besides my husband and family. I like nothing more than to giggle uncontrollably. Remember when, in school, you and a friend would crack up for no explainable reason? Perhaps these will evoke some giggles?

This is a travel paperback of the best (worst?) kind!

You can actually buy this if you are so inclined to be this kind of crafter!

I found this today when I was researching funny book covers! Super handy! M ysister has a book called "What's Your Poo Telling You." And, I'd add this picture here, but I don't want to offend any readers with it's irreverence. It gives "vintage" a whole new meaning!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Pinterest - Keep Calm and Fake a British Accent!

You all know that I love Pinterest. And you know I love books, music, art, film, travel, fashion, cooking and design. But did you also know I love to fake an accent. I'd say I'm pretty good at Irish but in a pinch I've been known to emulate an English accent as well. And on a rainy day like today - why not?

The following are ways that this Keep Calm has been used. Attached are the lists of where you can find these goodies!

I need your comments, guys! As my friend Sharon says, "Comments feed my blog!" What kinds of things do you love?!

London Postcard

Light me up when I'm down


Monday, January 9, 2012

Street Style - The Shady Lady

Although, Kelly McNair is definitely not a "shady lady" per se - she can be found being persuasive to customers to try a couture cocktail that they have never tried or talking with subtle gesticulations about the fried green tomatoes - at the Shady Lady Saloon! She is a hip cat. Just look! It's clear she's a well styled young woman from coif to heel; she can put an ensemble together. And she is so cool. Not the kind of unapproachable cool you remember from high school. She is real cool - the kind of girl that has an exceptional sense of humor - someone with the kind of confidence to say, "My name is Kelly - but you can call me Kiki!" Of course she would say this in coyness with a lilt of her should and turn of her toe and let's face it - she's uber delightful and could totally pull it off.

The Shady Lady is, perhaps, my favorite watering hole in Sacramento. But it's not just that Chris Tucker is mixologist among men - no - it's the whole place. The artwork, the collectables, the painted walls, the "Shady" photos and the cuisine. It's gourmet libations take "The Shady" from kitschy class to absolute destination spot. It's a place I love to take clients, friends from out of town and girlfriends for a night out. Jason, Alex and Garrett have done a sensational job of marrying old time speak easy with modern gourmet. These charms are ever so evident in their staff, their menu and their creativity. Oh, and did I tell you about the performances?

You can articulate Kelly's sweet Street Style yourself. Be sure to visit the links and credit where credit is due!

Urban Outfitter's leather lace up oxfords. Here are others you might like. These too!

Cable textured tights from Forever 21 but you could go a different direction for originality, like this. They have a metallic finish!

It's a lace skort! If you love this then you'll like this!

The lace is so pretty. And the taupe color is so soft. If you could do this these would great with it!

This necklace is so cute. The pearls with the chains and the flowers - love! If you like that perhaps, this might do? Or you could do this! And carry this!

Detail of flower embellishment on Kelly's necklace. She pilfered that necklace from her sister's closet. That is the way to shop!

Gorge! A hair detail. She gets her hair done here in Sacramento by Jessica or in San Francisco at the Grasshopper Salon by Lena.

See! Can't you just hear her saying, "Kiki!"

The entire ensemble. I love that dotted swiss, peach top from forever 21. Here is an alternative. And if you admire kelly as much as I do, then perhaps this is a better choice?

I wish this had come out better. It's difficult to take a very professional photo while you gush over your subject. But this ring really is super cute. It's made by Little Rooms.
My local. The corner of 14th and R Streets.

The repro tin ceiling are among the greatest details. These guys have thought of everything. I wish we had to enter through a phone booth with a password!

Detail of painted wall.

Good old timey saloon stools. Comfortable enough to languor the day away with a cocktail.