Friday, October 19, 2018

Treasures 3 - Dear Dottie and Old Dead Ned

Oh, man I love these two. Much to Dottie's dismay and every effort to thwart, Ned just won't take no for an answer. The poor dear; he's dead, for crying out loud.

Tara sent me Ned. He is actually a tiny finger puppet for tiny fingers. But somehow he made his way to Dottie. And why wouldn't he? She's a beauty. Dottie is a tiny (probably German) porcelain bust. Very tiny; about the size of the tip of your finger. But just the right size for Ned.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The White Pepper Clothing

I have been going nuts about this label I recently found - The White Pepper . Perhaps it is the dolly influence in my life or the fact that I have finally embraced that I AM AN ARTIST - Shouty caps for personal impact - lest I forget. In any case these clothes are comfortable, well priced, made of natural fabrics (mostly) and are wear anywhere items. I mean they're not for sexy, sexy time, but they are super cute. I love a style/fashion house with a sense of friggin' humor. We all tend to take ourselves WAY too seriously in this world.

Check it out!

This one is my favorite of the examples I've posted here. Oh a pressed white anything makes me go nutty - but this is LEATHER!!!! MIND BLOWN! And that high/low hem tease - oh so great! And that contrasting lace? OY VEY! It is both little girlish and avantgarde. I need it!

I've been enjoying looking for other little places that I can find high quality, fashionable clothing at a reasonable price. Here are few: Olive and Pepper, the beloved Lulu's and how about this one called Albumip (probably a Chinese company; great prices and interesting things) follow the links to see what I've found.

Friday, April 20, 2018


I have been away because in addition to tons of work travel and Walt Disney World, I have also been embroiled in making mass amounts of art. Blogging is sort of like your "network." Some people in your network have more priority than others. Family and work are obviously at the top of that hierarchy. Unfortunately, blogging had to take a little backseat. I am not one of those bloggers you see on Pinterest, "Make $10,000 a month blogging."

I am part of a group show at Art of Toys in July and I am feverishly getting my little monsters together. I never want to let a garbage monster out of my paws though so I have had to work and rework some of these guys. I think you may know them if you follow my Poppies page on IG. I haven't always thought of myself as an actual artist and I have certainly not called myself an artist but now that I am the age I am and have accrued the body of work that I have, I have crossed over and now actually quite confidently call myself an artist.

I have been sculpting monsters. Here are a few examples:

 I was planning to post lots of other things since I last posted in December. Maybe I still can. I'd love to post our Christmas Dinner. Is it silly to post a winter meal in the Spring?