Wednesday, February 15, 2023

The Overwhelm

Work, play, marriage, self care, exercise, meditation, friendships, maintenance of house, playing with the pets, cultivating new skills, developing businesses, spiritual workouts, pen pals, phone chats, hobbies, car rides, visits, meeting people, going out, saving money, television shows, social media, spending money, worry about family, worry about self, worry about happiness of husband, blog about the worry, paperwork, organization, take all the things to a donation place, organize all the things, priorities, two places at once, not enough arms, hands or enough brain power,  millionaires, what about me, confusion, overlooked, misunderstanding, sadness which manifests as anger, therapy, the resource of time, expectations, politics, weather, limitations, gold nuggets. This is overwhelm, friends.

I don't know where to put all the papers.

I don't know how to prioritize.

I can't feel less anxious.

I keep waiting to be happy again.

Any solutions?

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