Friday, December 15, 2017

Treasures 2 - A Knitted Spaceship and Wizzle, Twizzle and Betty

When I was a little girl, we lived in Connecticut where my father practiced medicine in an office that was part of our house. Many of his patients were neighborhood folks, some of whom lacked resources with which to pay the doctor. So my father took tomatoes, pickles and hand knitted items in return for tetanus shots and check ups.

One such knitted item was this flying saucer. At the time, dad and I would sit in the evening and watch hours of Sagan and Nova. I think he probably shared some of this info with his patients. And now, I have inherited this magnificent piece of art.

It is one of my greatest treasures, although Wizzle, Twizzle and Betty only make their appearances during the Christmas season. Perhaps I'll keep them out all year 'round?


  1. so cute! i vote for display all year long, yes 👽

  2. I vote all year too! Adorable!!

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