Monday, September 8, 2014

Good Vibes

Sometimes I wake up and just feel my magic. You know, the magic that you know is inside each and every one of us. The magic that makes us who we are. The magic that is not our job, or our spouse, or our house but that is our heart and soul; our blood, sweat and tears. The thing that makes our spirit what it is.
Other days (which are unusual), I wake up comparing myself to others, like Justina Blakeney because she's doing what I love and what my undergraduate degree is in. I hear myself saying, "Why wasn't that me?" or "Where did I go wrong." Or I grow jealous of people like Grace, who's young and just starting out and is galaxies ahead of where I was (and still am) at her age. And then there is this place. Awesome right? I know! I feel overwhelmed with pride in Erica (One of the partners at Escape to Shape and a beautiful woman, with whom I went to high school) yet sadness in myself that I am not where I know I want to be.
They say comparison is the Devil. But sometimes it's nearly impossible not to look at other folks like the ones mentioned above and not feel like I should be more, do more, see more, speak more, love more. Like I'm not doing enough already. What am I searching for?
So today, I resign to being nothing more than who I am; I resign to "be a proliferator of good vibes." I have the magic. Perhaps even more than others. I have lots of friends, I am in the best shape of my life both physically and spiritually and I have an enduring family that loves me. I also have a husband who is wonderful, not only handsome but a true gentleman. His spirit is warm and masculine. His mind is sharp and his arms loving and secure. I am a creative. I am a chef. I am a style maven. I have arms and legs and a heart that work. And, the most important, I am blessed everyday. #thankful #grateful #loved

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