Tuesday, September 17, 2013

60 is the New Sexy

On New Beauty, they talk about 60 being the new sexy. It's a great post and couldn't be truer. In this day and age, women of all shapes and sizes are represented but true beauty doesn't always come at any age. I myself am an undisclosed age though younger than 60. At 60 a woman has raised her children, contended with difficult men, divorced the difficult man, had a career and likely seen things we younger counter parts haven't. At the end of summer, it seems apropos to post about women in the richness of the new prime.

Below is a photo of Helen Mirren. She is a true beauty at 60. I recently met a lady at Magpie (while getting their sumptuous ice cream sandwich). She was sitting at the counter and I simply had to comment. Her hair was a natural silver, her eyes clear as a sunny day and her skin, flawless. She was "Sexy at 60!" Meet Joy! Her spirit was as youthful as anyone my age - younger even and her warmth unmatched. She was not arrogant or standoffish. She whole heartedly encumbered the elegance, beauty and charm of not only a woman of a certain maturity but of a woman who was delightedly proud and happy to be who she is. I sort of envied her ease, her "joie de vivre," if you will.

I've included the piccie of Ms. Mirren because as a woman of the New Sexy, I hold her in high regard for her accomplishments in her craft and her elegance. I do not, however, know her. I was lucky enough to spend a short stint with Joy. She was, simply put, beautiful!



  1. You are as young as you feel. I know Joy personally and she has an out look that is young at heart. Her outlook is genuine and that brings her beauty into a full circle

    1. Hi there Jamie! Thanks for visiting Poppies and Paperbacks! Joy was an absolute sensation for me to be around. Her heart so open and her smile so warm - it's a wonder that other folks weren't swarming her. I thoroughly enjoyed her company though our visit was brief. Cheers!