Friday, July 12, 2013

Details at Disneyland

I have never understood people who say weird things like "I hate Disneyland." I feel like that statement is kin to saying, "Being rich would stink," or "sugar is lame," or "I wish I was ugly." See these are non-statements and all complete lies. Everyone wants to have abundance, everyone loves sugar and no one wants to be ugly! So how can someone not love Disneyland?

When you walk through the gates you are immediately a kid again - no responsibilities or bills, completely innocent, happy about not being at school or work and usually, you are attending with people that you at least like if not love. Again, what about Disneyland could possibly be repellent? 

Walt himself thought of everyone and everything. I don't really care if he was anti-semitic, nor do I care if he treated his staff badly or had major scandals or any other ugly things people throw at me about the history of Walt Disney. Because at the end of the day, some of my fondest memories of childhood were Sunday nights which started with Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom followed by Walt Disney Presents  while we ate Grinders in the family room and everyone loved each other and forgot the woes of the world for a whole two hours a week.

Again, Walt thought of everything. And in the typical Disney style and consistency for high standards, the legacy has continued. Visit the Family Museum, you'll see!

My mom and sister and I recently went for a girls trip to the DLand and CA Adventure. We were lucky enough to stay at the Grand California Hotel and took full advantage of all the amenities! But the thing that struck me most on this trip was the fact that truly no detail goes left undone. These folks think of everything and every detail is pin perfect - right down to artisan made umbrellas - which you can see here.

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