Friday, September 14, 2012

A New Hair Stylist and New Hair

Tired of Poaca? Yeah. Me too.

I need to tell you, in the words of Bill and Ted, "Strange things are a foot at the Circle K." Life has been less than cooperative and I am so sorry to have delayed this and my final Turkey/Greece post. Rest assured I will get back to things soon. And then A GIVEAWAY. But until I carve out some time to pay close attention to you guys, you get my new hair!

I needed to get my hair done something awful before the onset of the school year. The hair was looking 60 years old while I remain 29. That was a no go....especially when I've lost lots of weight and haven't seen co-workers for 8 weeks. I wanted to look like a million bucks...well, at least a hundred.

I yelped, "Hair Salons in Sacramento Open on Mondays." I'm a "Get Things Done on Monday," kind of gal. Groceries, Dry Cleaning, Nails and, you guessed it, Hair. My former stylist, while good, is so very busy she could never get me in. So I decided to start fresh.

Luxe Salon and Spa was 3rd on the list. I read the reviews for the first...4 stars. I read the review for the second, 4 stars and then I read the review for Luxe! And while all these salons had a comparable star rating, Luxe had something the other two didn't. It had a response to a review from the owner that was sweet and sincere. She was all about fixing the problem for the customer who was dissatisfied. It spoke to me and that is how I met Albina.

When I sat in Albina's chair she asked me questions about what I wanted. I asked her to bring her "A Game" and did she ever. I haven't been this satisfied with a cut and color perhaps ever! She did exactly what I asked her to do. She was so good natured and fun. She had no airs of superiority as some stylists do. She worked hard but smart and styled my hair not the way she wanted, but the way I wanted her to.

This is how my hair looked when she was done with me...

Needless to say, I got a new stylist. I feel feverishly loyal to Albina now and for the first time in my life I look forward to seeing the salon every month!

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