Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gala Darling

I was fishing around on Twitter and noticed that I consistently check on a woman named Gala. She has a blog called Gala Darling: A Radical Self Love Project and is she ever a darling. She is like a gum drop or a gingerbread house; clever and complicated and sweet. Gala Darling is sometimes witty and always charming and when she has a link on her Twitter feed I cant help but want to experience what Gala finds so appealing. I've never been disappointed. And I'm feeling the love...the neighbor love that is! Gala was recently in San Francisco.

This lovely displaced Kiwi has created a home for herself in New York City and has incurred a passion of teaching women how to love themselves. I have learned so much from her. Mostly that I love her. I love her style, her kindness and her undying love for her dogs! I especially love how she teaches us as ladies, that we can love ourselves. She is pink and lavender and tangerine. She is sequins and shine in the summertime. She is a cupcake and red licorice. She is enthusiasm and beauty and art. I love her. I wish I knew her. For now, I'll keep her close to my heart and visit her with at least weekly frequency!

Look at this....
Print by Kevin Dart

Gala Darling: Gorgeous but never takes herself too seriously.

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