Monday, July 2, 2012

Frabjous Finds - Wood Camera App


Everybody knows about Instagram. And heck, I am guilty of loving that thing. But sometimes I like to keep my photos breasted as I don't always want to share everything. for instance, if I take 7 pics of the same thing sometimes I like using them in a montage. If I have to adjust them using filters and tilt-shifts, then they have to be doctored and why would anyone want to see the junk in between?

Enter Wood Camera app for the iPhone. I learned about the Wood Camera app on Instagram because I follow it's creator, John Barnett. You can do nearly everything on this one app and when the final stage of awesome appears then you can share it on Instagram sans all the goopy errors before the final product.

Wood Camera has tons of lenses and fx to choose from and it's surprisingly user friendly. You can import several photos at a time and choose a number of frames and papers. My only criticism is that I wish there were more light effects. Big deal. Not much of a criticism really and I can use another app for that. With Wood camera, anyone can be a photo pro! It blows Hipstamatic out of the water and includes all the fx that I would usually do using two separate apps, PicFx and BeFunky.

Photos using the Wood Camera app for iPhone....

All photos by John Barnett and can be found @ John Barnett

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