Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pinterest - The Best Of....

Ok, so the photo sharing social media mogul that is Pinterest is one of my all time favorite past times ever...more than glamping, more than painting, more than a party and almost as much as riding a horse. I just want to share some extraordinary photos here that are sure to get you wanting an invitation. As I've mentioned before, Pinterest is still in it's "beta" stage and that is why you need an invitation. I love it for the inspiration (I made fatless Ranch Dressing from a recipe I found on it), it's fashion sense (I found a pair of shoes for an upcoming wedding there), and it's all around good nature (I've giggled out loud evoking an inquisitive eyebrow lift from the husband from someone posting something hilarious)! Of course I have clled this post "The Best of Pinterest," but let's face it, a site with 1 billion people on it means my "best of" list is limited.

If you want an invitation, comment here with your email address and I will send it right away!

This is "cabinet of curiosities" from Cri Cri.

This is from one of my favorite boards called "Coffee and Coffee Houses."

I am often attracted to things that are questionable. On the board, "Un Monde Flou" (A Blurry World) you'll find that you'll question all kinds of things. The woman who arranges these collections has a very artistic eye.

I follow a woman called Beth Fath. This is a photograph of a dress by one of the most influential fashion designers of the 20th Century, Jacques Fath. He was along side of Christian Dior and Coco Chanel. Beth's "Jacques Fath" board has some of the greatest fashions ever seen. 

Design Quixotic is a graphics company based in New York City. If you are wanting a clever typeset or a stammeringly fantastic design on a business card check Thea out! She is a very talented artist!
This lady is awesome. Her name is Kirsi and she is a Finnish artist. All of her pin boards are arranged by color. I wish I had been clever enough to think of that becasue I think it would take alot of guess work out of organizing. Also, it is a delight to go from her Orange board to her red board and then on to her green board. Her eye is sumptuous and I would love to bathe in all these colors!

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  1. Hey my sweet, I am loving this website Pinterest...I clicked straight onto some fab ideas for doing my hair and would love an invitation to connect to this site my email is Taraxxx