Monday, May 7, 2012


I saw a ridiculously awesome film last night that I gotta talk about. It's called "Drive" and stars Ryan Gosling as the driver.

"Drive" is a  2011 film adaptation after a novel of the same title by James Sallis. It has been sometime that a film has touched me in such a way and for so many reasons. For instance, the cast is impeccable. Carey mulligan plays the love interest of the driver. She was ideal for the role for her natural sweetness alone in addition to her well done American accent and being able to make a secondary character shine even without overdone dialogue. She keeps her sweetness even with the backdrop of a gritty, dark LA as the set.

Albert Brooks as Bernie Rose is a villainous but likable character. He is the sort of character you know has done sordid things but you desperately want to be a good guy. He isn't though.

And, Ron Perlman as Nino, a scum bag to beat all of them, is as always a joy to see in this film for the sheer hatred of his character alone.

And of course, Ryan Gosling. He ties the film together - the glue - if you will. I have never been one of these ladies that gushes over Hollywood men. Certainly, I have my favorites but never have I checked fan sites or spoken incessantly about actors. I simply don't care. It isn't that I haven't been impressed in the past either. I just like to keep a bit of decorum about the whole Hollywood leading man thing. But Gosling, in this film, is quietly magnanimous. His natural strength and lack of arrogance amongst his pretending made me realize what the hullaballoo is all about. Sure he's attractive, but to look at him he is no more attractive than my own husband. But this is not about attractiveness, his appeal is that which separates an actor from an artist. He has the quintessential je ne sais quoi that has had my mind reeling about this film. I hate saying that because again, I'd like to maintain some dignity. His performance was just amazing. Before the film, I thought he was ok. After the film I think he is a truly sumptuous performer. He plays that hero that I looked up to as a child. I found myself wanting to be him and be with him all at once. Remarkable does not describe his performance well enough.

Drive is "Pretty in Pink" meets "True Romance" and that is all the appeal it needs for me. But as icing completes the cake the sound track threads the thing together. I just really can't say enough about this extraordinary film. Kudo's to Nicolas Winding Refn for such excellent direction.

See this film but be warned there is violence. It is, after all a crime film...

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