Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Hope You Feel Beautiful Today

It's one of those days. You know the kind - the ones where all you want to do is stay in bed with a book and your kitty and some hot chocolate. Yup. That's me today.

I told my sister yesterday that I was tired of the cold weather and she responded saying, "But the cold weather has only just arrived." While I know she is right, I am ready for wee dresses and sun kissed tresses. I just don't feel AWESOME today. I have the blah's.

Let me leave you with some thoughts that might pick up your spirits if you do in fact feel less than beautiful. Because I assure you, you are beautiful and a warmer clime is just around the corner!
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  1. Some days I feel like a fart in a wet sock. Thankfully, today is not one of them! I really love the last image of hearts in a jar. That beats a fart in a sock any day.

    Lookee that - my first comment and I managed to get "fart" in there twice (actually, thrice). I am gifted...

  2. You are gifted! Of course I only love gifted people who sometimes feel like a fart in a sock! XO