Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Etsy Site!

My friend Tara and I have opened a new Etsy site. As a huge supporter it seems only practical to also pedal wares while supporting other crafters and vintage lovers. There is a page right here that will link you straight there! It's called Poppies and Paperbacks, clever and creative I know. I try!

Featured today are tech sleeves all handmade from Etsy. I have never written an all handmade post so here it is. And since we are all so dependent on our technical items, I thought this might be just the thing.

These iphone cases are chic, simple and handmade. They are from Doble Ele's shop in Hong Kong.

The Kindle case from Nimoo.

From Byrd and Belle

This is a great book. It is classic and professional and the projects are easy enough for beginners to be successful!

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