Monday, December 12, 2011

Frabjous Finds - Christmas Gift Guide

If you live in Sacramento, there are some amazing places to buy gifts!  But if you are discerning gift giver and you love charm, elegance and a homey feel with gads of awesome there is only one place to buy gifts -  and the best shoes ever! It's The Pink House run by sweet and savvy proprietor Peggy Orr. Peggy's first calling was non-profit and for those of you who remember she ran the Camellia Festival! Now, she curates this delightful store with oodles of style. The shoes she has are by well known design houses but are styles you simply cannot get at Nordstrom. Such brands include Seychelles, Irregular Choice, Naughty Monkey, Poetic License, Sasha London, J41, Mee Too and Nicole. She also carries wares from local designers and artisans.

ADA handbags and jewelry are by a local artisan whose compiled a collection of ladies decor that cannot be matched. Her handbags are supple and unique and her jewelry is contemporary and stylish. Plus, she has an amazing story. She is of Polish descent and was in Law School when she travelled to Argentina. She dropped out of law school to follow a calling for divine handbags.

The Pink house also carries Susan Knoff's felted pins seen on Peggy in the picture featured here. Recycled cashmere hates and scarves and Ann Deaver's hair accesories.

It was by accident that I found The Pink House but as cliche's go -- A Happy Accident. I'm headed there now for a pair of shoes that I simply can't stop thinking about! You should go too! Plus, Peggy provided sweet treats at the door! What's not to love?




The lovely and sophisticated Peggy Orr.

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