Thursday, December 8, 2011

Before There Was Pinterest...

There was me!

I absolutely love Pinterest! It's an addiction that I feel pretty good about, in fact - I mean as far as addictions go. I'll spend and hour, sometimes two or an entire afternoon perusing the internet for pretty pictures to pin with my pinmarklet address bar pin tool. I'll use my app to pin and pin and pin - especially when I'm using the loo! But before there was Pinterest, I would while away a Sunday afternoon, long, long ago cutting up magazines and saving the prettiest and most interesting images.

Look at all the goodies I got through the years. I will periodically post pretty pictures from as far back as 1989. Those are photos from more than 20 years ago. I know it sounds out of date but literature, film, design and cuisine is often timeless! Join Pinterest and follow me there so I can follow you too! You have to apply for an invitation (Oh, such an exclusive club) then you sign up and that's're hooked!

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