Friday, April 25, 2014

WARNING - EXPLICIT - Fun, Exciting, and Unusual for Poppies

But I had to share this. It's a music video some friends shared on Facebook and while I am not on Facebook (I have an account but can't be bothered to engage), my husband often shares things with me, especially when it might evoke a giggle. He showed this to me just this morning and giggle I did! It involves a party. It starts with a tiny earthquake which rolls into a full out emotional, rageful, sexy romp coupled with a catchy beat. The video/song is DJ Snake and Lil Jon, "Turn Down for What."

I'm not heavy into rap per se, but every once in a while, something turns up which becomes (to quote German phraseology) an ear worm. This is one such "song." And the video is how I feel inside sometimes. I hope lots of people feel this way otherwise (and unfortunately) I suspect I may be certifiable.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

"The Women"

I have some really talented friends.
Stacy is a music maven who is well equipped to rock a turntable. She is the type of hostess who plays just the right playlist for every gathering and finds creativity in all kinds of music.
It was our latest book club meeting that inspired this post with her as a guest blogger. I hope you love this mix as much as I do. Her words below match this playlist epically and I recommend listening to this as she would, "Laying on the living room floor,  next to the speaker."

"The Women"
1.  Painful Like by Austra
2.  Wolf & I by Oh Land
3.  If Looks Could Kill by Camera Obscura
4.  Marilyn by Bat for Lashes
5.  Landfill by Daughter
6.  Falling by Haim
7.  Iota by Angel Olsen
8.  Running Up That Hill by Chromatics
9.  Silver Soul by Beach House
10.  Sprawl II by Arcade Fire
11.  Call Out by Kaskade featuring Mindy Gledhill
12.  I've Been Let Down by Mazzy Star

Night driving.  Needing just 5 minutes away from the kids,locked in my room, with my headphones on.  Going through a divorce.  Running at 6 AM.  Crazy, addictive love.  Singing without reservation in the car.  Laying on the living room floor close to the speakers, feeling desperate and lost. Late nights with a lover.  Feeling feelings!  It's all in this emotional roller coaster of a playlist.  Enjoy.