Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pinterest, eh.

I use Pinterest DAILY! On some days, ALL DAY! I expect quite a lot from this little Palo Alto based Kingdom! But I do not think my expectations are unreasonable at all! When I find a photo I want to hoard, I expect to be able to use the pin it button and glue it to my board (with rhymes like that...Eminem, move over)! Today I have tried and tried and tried. I can scroll down the list of my boards, I cannot write in the message box, lastly and most importantly, I can't pin the pic....So...

This is what I wrote to them, today. How I really feel: Fix your effing $%#&!!!!!!!

Hi guys! Let me preface this expression with the fact that I absolutely love Pinterest and the entire team that makes it go. With that said, because the team is so small, it can be frustrating when things don't go right. My pinmarklet today will not pin. And I have been asked twice to rate the pinterest app, which I have. My answer: glitchy at best. Everyone else says, "I love it." "It's wonderful!" I say, "hogwash!" The site is great but the app is slow and when I repin another pinner's image, I get kicked off the app and have to re-open it on my iphone. Boo. Finally, today, I tried to pin something to a secret board - no go. Then I tried to pin it to a shared board - still, no go. Now, I'm writing to you. I know you are regularly pummeled with myriad requests and complaints, but would you mind (before moving forward) fixing these wee cockroaches? They're a real drag.

3/2/2012 Addendum:
I got an email today from Pinterest. They said I posted nudity and that it would have to be removed. I never pinned nudity and there is no link so I can see the pic. They are really pissing me off!

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