Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tillandsias - Air Plants

They are so special. And relatively low maintenance. And, um, did I mention...AWESOME!

I love the Tillandsia's. Part of the Bromileiad Family they are certainly realted to succulents and of course, they're pretty. The most famous type of Tillandsia that you are probably aware of is Spanish Moss.

Look at these....

Anytime possible, I try to support Etsy sellers. This and the following photos are all from Etsy shops. If you like these support these artisans buy contacting them! This is a Stripey Jellyfish Terrarium and I want it! It comes from a sensational seller called "Petit Beast!" They have trademarked these Jellyfish Air Plants - Genius!  Please have a look.

This one is called a "Steampunk Air Plant Terrarium." It's by a shop called Lovely Terrariums. The shops owners are "Mike and the Dogs." :) What a great photo.
Different and pretty! By a store called Gass Etc

Whad'ya think? I love this little guy! Although this post is about the plants themselves, it's clear that I am also quite attracted to the containers that they rest in! You can find this at Boy-Girl Tees.

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