Friday, February 24, 2012

Great Reads and Reels

I know I've said this before, but when I become a real blogger I plan on having a page just for books and movies.

I know I'm a purist. A book? You may query...Yes! Those wee films between pages and pages that one holds in one's hands and is entertained by their own imagination...such developments! I know there are those of you who love your kindle or your nook and I, too am an advocate, but just as a supplemental not to erase or replace the written page.

As for "reels", there are movies, films and motion pictures. The category of movie would include titles such as "Elf," or "Party Girl." This is no hierarchy, I'll have you know. Just because "Sophie's Choice" is a  film does not inherently make it better than say "Avatar" or "Star Trek" or oh hail! "Star Wars: which are motion pictures. And let's not forget the cross overs.

There are some films which are also motion pictures, "The Matrix" (film 1 in the franchise - ONLY and emphatically).  And there are motion pictures which are movies, "Beowulf" for instance which is a cartoon, but a CGI cartoon based on an epic hero. Understand?

I get it. Not all of you will agree with me. But I must say now that even if you don't agree, it is still very likely that I am right. I have a guest blogger that will come on with some frequency to debate with me or against me, though we are usually in agreement...For instance, "Adventureland," what a waste of two hours! I want my money back. And "The Box," Really? Why are Hollywood execs allowed to so flagrantly produce a movie when they are so clearly on crack? Again I want my money back!! The guset blogger will be a colleague. His name, let's just keep it short, you can call him Mike! For film purposes and criticisms, You can call me Ike!

Today's post is about books turned films. And since I have seen the films yet, I have nothing to say about them. But The book beginning with the first is "The Hunger Games!"

It's the film poster...Read the book first!

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